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Gryphon Aerial Surveillance & Training™ (GAST ™) system

 Deploy the Gryphon Aerial Surveillance & Training™ (GAST ™) system – a cost effective, turn-key, mission flexible surveillance platform and training program. GAST ™ System Advantages: • Lowest-rated noise signature - virtually undetectable by sound above 1,500 feet • Rough terrain capability • Very Low maintenance • Reliable Rotax engine • MOGAS capable • Low fuel consumption – extended endurance • Low-tech Training Opportunity • Day/night operations • Electro-Optical / Infrared Camera – economical sensor component for the International Anti-Pouching efforts • Multiband Tactical Radio • Target Tracking 


Wildlife and Conservation Operations

WAG services are adaptable to all Wildlife and Conservation operations and will benefit agents and managers in these 4 key areas: • Analysis: Deliver real or near real-time situational awareness and monitoring for all key stakeholders as needed – helping assess Risk, Preparedness, and Crisis Decision Making • Prevention: Provide better capabilities for management to help reduce the likelihood of illegal activity • Intervention: Provide agencies with additional environmental and security response and readiness • Response: Deliver effective and turn-key solutions for response preparedness, monitoring and capabilities


Aviation and Technical Services

Wildlife Aviation Group’s specialty aviation and technical services are applicable for the following: • Protect Wildlife: Unregulated hunting, human-predator encounters, illegal fishing and poaching are major threats to wildlife • Monitor Wildlife Habitats and Migration: Wildlife habitats and migration corridors are necessary to maintain flourishing wildlife populations • Conserve Land: Deforestation – illegal logging and overpopulation are issues affecting all regions of the world 

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