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Every day, men and women are committed to protecting endangered species and habitats. In most cases, a handful of wildlife rangers cover thousands of square miles on foot, car or horse. They are normally out-manned and under-equipped in their efforts to end poaching and illegal logging.  Wildlife Aviation Group is working to become the world’s leading provider of aerial conservation services while taking direct responsibility to help defend endangered wildlife in remaining protected and remote areas by delivering sensor technology to government management and conservation agencies.  


A Handful of Rangers, Cover Thousands of Miles

 Wildlife Aviation Group’s specialty aviation and technical services are applicable for the following: • Protect Wildlife: Unregulated hunting, human-predator encounters, illegal fishing and poaching are major threats to wildlife • Monitor Wildlife Habitats and Migration: Wildlife habitats and migration corridors are necessary to maintain flourishing wildlife populations • Conserve Land: Deforestation – illegal logging and overpopulation are issues affecting all regions of the world 


A Global Problem Needs Global Solutions

Today, the illegal wildlife trade, combined with illegal logging and illegal fishing ranks second behind drug trafficking. It is the main source of funding for terror organizations in Africa, criminal gangs in Asia and general lawlessness around the world. It creates economic hardship on hundreds of nations, millions of people and has become a major global security issue.

With 160+ years of combined experience in commercial/military aviation; international expeditionary logistics; intelligence/risk analysis and aviation training - expert solutions for austere environments, Wildlife Aviation Group (WAG) is committed to becoming a permanent part of the wildlife management, conservation and global anti-poaching efforts. 

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Your contribution will go towards providing better capabilities for management to help wildlife rangers reduce the likelihood of illegal poaching, fishing and logging.  

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