WAG Announces: Operation Desert Ghosts


In February 2020, using specifically

designed Gryphon Aerial Surveillance aircraft (manned/fixed-wing - not drone) equipped with FLIRvision technology, Wildlife Aviation will begin an ambitious nighttime conservation 

project covering two historic National Monuments and two National Wildlife Refuges over the remote borderlands region of southern Arizona. 

Working with established NGO's, State/Federal Agencies and research Universities, Wildlife Aviation will document, track and monitor five endangered species: the Pronghorn Antelope, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Jaguar, Ocelot and Mexican Gray Wolf.

Texas Philanthropist Makes Major Donation to WAG


 The founders of Wildlife Aviation Group, Inc (a non-profit organization) are pleased to announce a major contribution from a best-selling author, developer, researcher and active Texas philanthropist, Ms. Marlane Miller. Her major donation will help boost WAG's effort in the nighttime animal/anti-poaching surveillance arena. This generous gift will be used to purchase equipment to assist in conducting surveillance for our upcoming Operation Desert Ghosts project in the South West US. 

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